Do you like stories that make the hairs stand up at the back of your neck? My SHIVERS nights have been giving aficionados that sensation of spiders down the spine for nearly four years now.

SPRING SHIVERS at Abney Park Cemetery Chapel, 3rd May 2018
Reader: Laura Sampson. Accompanists: Sam Enthoven and Martin Vishnick
Photographer: Lucy Brady

I pick and adapt the finest frightening literature and find great performers to read it. The twist with SHIVERS is that these tales are then paired with live sounds from my uniquely uncanny instrument the theremin and some of the best artists from London’s experimental music scene. The result is a kind of cinema for the ears and imagination, with storytelling and sound combining to draw you irresistibly in, to reach cold fingers into your mind, to give you SHIVERS.

For a taste of what I mean, here’s a video from SHIVERS: MYSTERIES on 6th Sept 2019. With Katie Jones reading and raxil4 as guest accompanist, this is our performance of the Haitian folktale THE NAME:

You can hear more audio recordings from previous shows here on the SHIVERS Soundcloud.

SHIVERS is especially thrilling in unusual venues that add to the atmosphere of the stories.

SUMMER SHIVERS at St Mary’s Tower, 8th June 2018
Reader: Simon Metheringham. Accompanists: Sam Enthoven and Adio West
Photographer: Lucy Brady

So far these have included the chapel of Abney Park Cemetery, the wild woods of Nidderdale in Yorkshire and the hold of the Spanish galleon The Golden Hinde. In 2019 I was especially delighted to put on SHIVERS shows at both The London Lovecraft Festival at The Old Red Lion Theatre and The London Horror Festival at The Pleasance. Other venues that year included The Chapel Playhouse and IKLECTIK.

Most recently SHIVERS has been taking place at an especially ominous and atmospheric venue – the glorious Grant Museum of Zoology. In February 2020 we performed (what else?) H. P. Lovecraft’s THE HORROR IN THE MUSEUM: watch and listen to that here. And for Halloween 2021…

SHIVERS – THE DERELICT at The Grant Museum of Zoology, 30th Oct 2021
Reader: Jim Osman. Accompanist: Sam Enthoven. Live art/animation: Andrea Aste.
Photographer: Martin Delaney

…SHIVERS returned to The Grant Museum for a unique performance of William Hope Hodgson‘s maritime mycelial monster tale THE DERELICT. Jim Osman read, with live illustration / animation by Andrea Aste and, of course, live sound from yours truly. Both shows sold out completely and the performers and audience all had a perfectly horrible time.

While live shows were indefinitely postponed during the pandemic SHIVERS went online in the form of video. For our first lockdown performance Laura Sampson read ISLAND OF FEAR by William Sambrot. For the second online-only SHIVERS Minnie Wilkinson read GREEN FINGERS by R. C. Cook. Our third was Polis Loizou‘s deliciously flesh-creeping rendition of THE THING IN THE CELLAR by David H. Keller.

Recordings of previous SHIVERS shows are available on the SINISTER MASTERPLAN Bandcamp page. From 7th March 2019, SHIVERS: ANIMAL SPIRITS starred readers Esi Eshun, Lucy Brady and Cliff Chapman, accompanied by myself on theremin etc and the astonishing Charlotte Keeffe on trumpet. All sales proceeds from this album go to support the venue where the show was performed – the wonderful IKLECTIK.

The most recent SHIVERS release on Bandcamp is Clark Ashton Smith‘s tale of brain-eating parasites from Mars, THE VAULTS OF YOH-VOMBIS.

If all of this hasn’t yet slaked your thirst for sensation, more SHIVERS shows are available via Soundcloud here.