GIGS! Yes: cautiously, in venues in complete compliance with current government safety guidelines, I have a couple of actual live performances coming up…

31st Oct: Bards on Boats presents THE NEW MIRROR on The Molly Anna. A second chance to catch my latest show with Laura Sampson – this time on a canal boat! We’ll be sharing a bill with singer-songwriter Pandora’s Diary for a special Halloween Cosy Concert With A Twist. Tickets and more info available here.

15th November: panacea at Hundred Years Gallery. I’m thrilled to return to one of my favourite London venues to rejoin some of the most intrepid sound explorers around, assembled by eminence grise par excellence Chris Hill. Audience numbers strictly limited!


SINISTER MASTERPLAN is now on Bandcamp. There you can stream (or, hint, buy-?) current releases including (now) three of Noisy Silent Film Club‘s soundtracks, two SHIVERS shows and my solo EP OUIJADR.

I am thrilled to present the third online-only SHIVERSPolis Loizou‘s deliciously flesh-creeping rendition of THE THING IN THE CELLAR by David H. Keller.

THE SPACE BUCCANEERS, written and directed by Simon Josiffe, is a new series of radio plays for which I’m providing the sound. It’s a comedy set on a spaceship. The actors record their lines at home in isolation. I stitch their performances together and create soundscapes for their adventures. The whole project is enormous fun. Listen via Simon’s Soundcloud here.

PLAGUE TRANSMISSIONS is an ongoing series of short experimental films I’ve been developing under lockdown. You can watch those (and video of recent SHIVERS shows too) via my Vimeo page here.