I’m absurdly delighted to announce my return to putting on LIVE SHOWS. Welcome, everyone, to THE SINISTER CABARET

Inspired by the original Cabaret Voltaire and other gatherings in times of upheaval of artists who still dare to dream, this was an evening of sounds, visions and surprises. Including…
and more!
It took place on Saturday 17th July 2021 at The All Good Bookshop and it was WONDERFUL.

Plans for future events are tentatively but most definitely AFOOT. Watch this space or sign up to THE SINISTER LIST via the Contact Page.


I’ve spent a lot of this lockdown year experimenting in combining sound with visuals I’ve filmed and/or edited myself. Here’s the latest result, a kind of documentary made with and about The Invisible Salon: this is THE PLAGUE RITUAL.

SINISTER MASTERPLAN is now on Bandcamp.

There you can stream (or, hint, buy-?) current releases including three of Noisy Silent Film Club‘s soundtracks, two SHIVERS shows, my solo EP OUIJADR and now THIS:

CEILING is an EP featuring two live improvisations with my esteemed NOISY SILENT FILM CLUB colleague Arkadiusz Potyka, each recorded in one take on 10th July 2021. Such a pleasure to be playing together again! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did. πŸ˜€

Laura Sampson and I were delighted to be invited by Stephan Barrett and Adam Kinsey to create a brand new sea-themed sound and spoken word show with them for their Littoral Transmissions project. THE DIVER was broadcast on Threads Radio on 20th Feb 2021 and it’s now available on the Sinister Masterplan Bandcamp here.

In mid-January 2021 I was thrilled to be invited by the amazing Andy Page aka raxil4 to make a track involving a sinewave piece he sent to some of the finest audio explorers around and, er, me. The resulting album – call and responses – is full of astounding sounds, it’s growing all the time as more artists answer Andy and it’s available on Bandcamp now.

At sunset on 21st December 2020 for the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn I took part in a Twin Peaks ritual to send the horrors of the year to be devoured by The Black Lodge. I figured it was worth a try. ;D As well as sonically performing the Black Lodge Ritual I made another track afterwards – The Magicians – which included vocals sent to me by two other members of The Invisible Salon. Hear the resulting album via Bandcamp here, where a link is available to video from the ritual.

The Mopomoso Workshop Groupβ€˜s performances of Matt Atkinsβ€˜ wonderful graphic scores at STEEP 15 (from 31st Aug 2019) have now been released by the label Econore! Stream and buy via Bandcamp here.

I’m proud to present the collected first(?) full six-episode season of THE SPACE BUCCANEERS by Simon Josiffe – an audio SF comedy adventure! The project was developed under coronavirus lockdown. Original scripts were written by Simon then rehearsed and workshopped with the cast via Zoom. The actors recorded their individual parts in isolation. I then stitched their performances together and created sounds to go with them. The whole thing was enormous fun and it’s on Bandcamp now.

I am delighted to present the third online-only SHIVERSPolis Loizouβ€˜s deliciously flesh-creeping rendition of THE THING IN THE CELLAR by David H. Keller.