Do you like stories that make the hairs stand up at the back of your neck? My SHIVERS nights have been giving aficionados that sensation of spiders down the spine for more than five years now. I pick and adapt the finest frightening literature and find great performers to read it. The twist with SHIVERS is that these tales are then paired with live sounds from my uniquely uncanny instrument the theremin and some of the best artists from London’s experimental music scene. The result is a kind of cinema for the ears and imagination, with storytelling and sound combining to draw you irresistibly in, to reach cold fingers into your mind, to give you SHIVERS.

In the next show, SHIVERS: TWO FOLK HORRORS at The All Good Bookshop on Saturday 7th October, Minnie Wilkinson and Laurence Ashcroft will join me to present two tales from the darkest shadows of the woods. Tickets here.

Locations for previous SHIVERS events include church towers and cemeteries, a fire-gutted mansion, the hold of a galleon and (below) a room full of pickled or stuffed zoological specimens, namely of course the glorious Grant Museum of Zoology.

SHIVERS – THE DERELICT at The Grant Museum of Zoology, 30th Oct 2021
Reader: Jim Osman. Accompanist: Sam Enthoven. Live art/animation: Andrea Aste.
Photographer: Martin Delaney

Recordings are available on Bandcamp, Vimeo and Soundcloud.