What began with the necessity to make my own flyers and album art has become a central part of what I do.

In my visual work I look for the sublime or uncanny in the small, the everyday, the ephemeral. Currently this has led me to macro photography and a process developed from 1960s liquid lightshow techniques. In a 15cm-diameter glass plate on a lightbox I mix candle dyes, food colouring and other household fluids. I examine, shoot and present the results with minimal digital intervention.

What you’re seeing here is a current selection – click through for full size.

In May 2024 I exhibited some of my work in a show called UNCONTAINED at City Lit Gallery as the culmination of the Developing Artistic Practice course that I took at the college over that academic year.

I was in the company of some fabulous artists and it was a rare opportunity to see my work in physical form.

Though I mainly shoot stills, sometimes I make moving image work too. This is my latest short film, co-created with Vincent Hewett. An analogue / AI exquisite corpse, it’s called THE BOOK OF SNAIL.