I’m happy playing in a wide variety of contexts. I’m always up for exciting new opportunities whether solo, with bands and other ensembles or even (once, so far!) with a classical orchestra.

I provided music and sound design (with a Universal horror flavour! :D) for the wonderful Polis Loizou‘s latest show I WAS A TEENAGE BISEXUAL and operated the first scratch performance on Tues 13th June at The Glitch for A Pinch Of VAULT 2023.

In February 2023 I played a live improvised soundtrack for T L Wiswell‘s wonderful shadow puppetry adapation of H P Lovecraft’s The Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath, which premiered at The Drayton Arms Theatre at the climax of the London Lovecraft Festival, read by the amazing Jim Osman. This 19th and 20th of October we’ll bring the show back as part of Bloomsbury Festival 2023 for two nights in the magnificent Crypt Gallery: tickets here.

I was thrilled to play some lairy Beefheart-infused theremin on Winter’s Child, a fantastic track on the storming new album from garage rock sensations The Beatpack, All Good Things (Turn to Dust) – available on Bandcamp here.

Single Serving is a short film written and directed by Chris Brosnahan for Sci-Fi-London‘s 48 Hour Film Challenge 2022. On that bracingly tight deadline I helped him shoot it and made the music and some other sounds too.

In January 2022 I spent some unexpected time finally getting around to mixing my recordings of one of the finest bands I’ve had the honour to be in – THRANEEN, with Ark Potyka and Sabina Spagnoli. Nothing else I’ve done sounds quite like it, before or since: here we are on Bandcamp at last.

During lockdown I was the sound designer on a series of radio plays by Simon Josiffe: THE SPACE BUCCANEERS is a comedy set on a spaceship. The actors recorded their lines at home in isolation: my job was to stitch their performances together and create soundscapes for their adventures. The project was enormous fun and it’s on Bandcamp now.

On Feb 19th 2020 I played at the Theremin Centenary Concert presented by Loudspeaker Orchestra at St Alfege Church, Greenwich. I was beyond honoured to have been invited to be part of the theremin ensemble that Lydia Kavina led to celebrate the one hundredth birthday of my favourite instrument!