I’m happy playing in a wide variety of contexts. I’m always up for exciting new opportunities whether solo, with bands and other ensembles or even (once, so far!) with a classical orchestra.

I’m currently playing theremin, keyboards and other sounds for Luiz Bruno and the Adult Children. In January we played a sellout show supporting Ghum at Paper Dress Vintage; now we’re rehearsing hard and looking forward to more adventures.

I’ve created and performed soundtracks for two of T L Wiswell‘s wonderful shadow puppetry adapations of stories by H P LovecraftThe Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath and The Doom That Came To Sarnath. An audio recording of the former, read by the amazing Jim Osman, from a performance at Bloomsbury Festival 2023 in the magnificent Crypt Gallery, is on Bandcamp now.

I provided music and sound design (with a Universal horror flavour! :D) for the wonderful Polis Loizou‘s latest show I WAS A TEENAGE BISEXUAL and operated the first scratch performance at A Pinch Of VAULT 2023. The show is currently touring.

This (below) is HYBRID, the installation I made for the final major project of the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design I completed this year at City Lit, seen here at our end of year show which ran from 6th-9th July. I imagined a future life form evolved from the waste our civilisation left behind. It was made of homegrown bamboo, offcut fabrics and reclaimed technology.

The eyes in the headpiece were a looping video of mirrored inkblots on a lightbox, displayed on an obsolete smartphone. You can see the video on Vimeo here. The petals of the flower were made of bamboo struts I sewed into fabric. In the base was an obsolete laptop showing another looping video, this time of camera feedback, via a Pepper’s Ghost illusion I constructed from a secondhand plastic picture frame. You can see a version of that video on Vimeo here.

I was thrilled to play some lairy Beefheart-infused theremin on Winter’s Child, a fantastic track on the storming album from garage rock sensations The Beatpack, All Good Things (Turn to Dust) – available on Bandcamp here.

In January 2022 I spent some unexpected time finally getting around to mixing my recordings of one of the finest bands I’ve had the honour to be in – THRANEEN, with Ark Potyka and Sabina Spagnoli. Nothing else I’ve done sounds quite like it, before or since: here we are on Bandcamp.

On Feb 19th 2020 I played at the Theremin Centenary Concert presented by Loudspeaker Orchestra at St Alfege Church, Greenwich. I was beyond honoured to have been invited to be part of the theremin ensemble that Lydia Kavina led to celebrate the one hundredth birthday of my favourite instrument!