The STILL is co-created with Laura Sampson to test the possibilities of combining live sound with storytelling.

We’re thrilled to announce that for our next show we’ll be teaming up with Polis Loizou and Adrian Taylor for an hour of storytelling and live sound on the theme of mortality: THE OLD BLACK DOOR will be performed at RADA Studios on Saturday 15th October as part of this year’s Bloomsbury Festival. Get your tickets here!

Our previous show with Polis, PORTENTS, was performed at Buxton Fringe on the 18th and 19th of July. It was nominated for two fringe awards and Buxton Fringe Reviews 2022 called the show “a marvellous spooky evening for the audience… fantastic soundscapes turn a great evening of storytelling into a must-see event.”

On the 1st and 2nd of July at Livia Garcia‘s wonderful capsule media space Project DivFuse we performed a new performance piece we’d been invited to develop there especially. We used Marcel Schwob‘s classic weird tale The Talking Machine as a starting point to consider creation myths. We tried out some things that were new for us, including masks, costumes and visuals I’d created especially. It was a blast! We look forward to taking THE VOICE CREATES UNIVERSES further. :DD

On the 20th and 21st of May Laura presented a work in progress sharing of her brand new show HIDE at Theatre Deli as part of their SHIFT + SPACE programme. Featuring live art/animation by Andrea Aste (and accompanying live sounds by yours truly ;D) HIDE uses the classic folktale THE LIND WORM as a way for Laura to explore her heritage and identity. Our audiences at SHIFT + SPACE gave us all sorts of wonderfully useful feedback and we’re now looking to develop the show further. Watch this space.

I was thrilled to be asked by wonderful storyteller Minnie Wilkinson to create and perform live sounds for THE END AND OTHER BEGINNINGS, her brand new show which had its debut on Tuesday May 24th at the London Hospital Tavern as half of Small Tellers, Big Tales, a fantastic double bill. Minnie is currently planning future performances – more news soon I hope!

Via Bandcamp Laura and I are proud to present Three-Crossing River (after YOKAI). It’s a response in narrative and improvised soundscape (for the latter I teamed up with the amazing Stephan Barrett) to some of Helen Maurer and Angela Moore‘s photographed installations in the exhibition YOKAI for White Conduit Projects Gallery, London (Feb 2022). The artworks that inspired us are available to view at

During lockdown Laura and I developed a show called THE NEW MIRROR based on Hans Christian Anderson’s THE SNOW QUEEN. On 21st October 2020 we performed it at Holy Cross Church as part of that year’s Bloomsbury Festival, who did a beautiful job of livestreaming it: you can watch a recording of the whole thing here.

Greta Pistaceci and Laura Sampson beneath Luke Jerram's Museum of the Moon at LUNAR DREAMS, Fri 18th Oct 2019
 (c) Bloomsbury Festival / Stuart Keegan
Greta Pistaceci and Laura Sampson beneath Luke Jerram’s Museum of the Moon at LUNAR DREAMS, Fri 18th Oct 2019
(c) Bloomsbury Festival / Stuart Keegan

‘Powerful storytelling and atmospheric soundscape’ -Bloomsbury Festival audience for THE NEW MIRROR.

‘Audience members find themselves chilled, entertained and disturbed all in the space of one intriguing evening.’Buxton Fringe Spoken Word Reviews 2019 for our show there that year, IMPOSTORS.