I’m Sam Enthoven.

Sam Enthoven 2014 pic by Sylvie Joly

I used to be a children’s author; now I’m a musician, sound artist and event creator. My main instrument is the theremin. I’m currently especially interested in exploring the places where stories meet sound. This site is about what I’ve been working on lately.

SPRING SHIVERS at Abney Park Cemetery Chapel, 3rd May 2018. Photographer: Lucy Brady

“The music from Sam Enthoven is divine throughout, and it’s lovely to see the inclusion of a theremin in live theatre.” -Binge Fringe, for Hide

“Enthoven’s theremin and clever use of echo and other effects created an atmosphere that grew from excited to perilous to surreal and back through terror to acceptance. The soundtrack was like being held in a warm hug by a cat that wants to simultaneously hug you and claw your face off.” -Starburst Magazine, for The Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath